OOTD: Doodles of Poodles

IMG_4220 copy




IMG_4212 copy

{Photography by Marie Carazas}

[H&M Poodle Print Scuba Skirt /// Nasty Gal Marcia Crop Top (similar) /// Forever 21 Rhinestone Choker (similar)]

Seriously though, this skirt. It had been sitting in my closet for months now (quietly collecting dust) and finally, I dug it out for a cutie patootie outfit post. I mean seriously. Obsessed. I’ve been eyeing scuba skirt pieces as they’re incredibly on trend and better yet, can easily work during any season. This adorable printed scuba is pleated and sits just above the knees which is the perfect style for a little lady like me as the length elongates the legs and the pleats add just the right amount of flair and sass.

Due to the skirt’s graphic nature, the rest of the look should be quiet and minimal (unless you got the matching scuba top to pair it with). Try styling your pleated scuba piece with a simple blouse, chambray shirt, or sweater tucked into the skirt. Either way, whatever you choose, you’re sure to look sophisticated.

OOTD: Daytime Sequins

Sequins + Knee Highs.3

Sequins + Knee Highs.10

Sequins + Knee Highs.8

Sequins + Knee Highs.11

Sequins + Knee Highs.2

Sequins + Knee Highs.4

     {Photography by Marie Carazas}

[MINKPINK Sleeveless Fuzzy Sweater in Ivory (similar) (similar) (similar) /// Lily White Sequin Skirt in Black (similar) (similar) (similar) /// Knee High Socks in Black (similar) /// Nine West Hillary T-Strap Heel in Black /// Rhinestone Encrusted Collar Necklace (similar) (similar)]

Sequined pieces have long been associated with a glamorous night out with the girls and most especially as the go to style during the holidays (cough, cough, New Year’s Eve parties, cough, cough). Over the years, however, we have seen a rising trend in incorporating sequins in your daytime wear. And you know what? It’s actually not so bad. Adding a little sparkle in your daytime look brightens up your complete outfit. The key is knowing just the right amount of sparkle to add.

Don’t go overboard. Keep the sequins at a minimal. You do not need more than one sequined piece in your outfit. From there, keep it casual! Pair your sequined piece with a simple chambray or tee shirt, dark jeans or skirt. If you’re looking for a little extra glitz, add a simple accessory–nothing too flashy!


Are you ready for the latest edition of the LOUD NOISE playlist? This month’s compilation is shorter than usual, but it’s definitely not short on noise! Included are tracks from my current musical obsessions, Majid Jordan and Tinashe, as well as from LOUD NOISE regulars, Kaytranada and Telescope Thieves (forever obsessed with those two). Before I let you all go, I’ll leave you with some piece of advice: listen to Majid Jordan’s “A Place Like This”–it’s too good!

Now, press play.

Photo Diary: III Points///Day 1

III Points 2014 Day 1 Artist Lounge III Points Day 1 Forever 21 Plaid Maxi Dress HM Black Platform Music Festival Outfit 1 III Points 2014 Day 1 Artist Lounge 2

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending the sophomore year of Miami’s three day festival, III Points – a  fusion of music, art, and tech through live performances, exhibitions, and activations spread throughout Wynwood’s Soho Studios. With a lineup made up of musical acts like Flying Lotus, Lykke Li, Jamie XX, Jacques Greene, Cashmere Cat, Thundercat, Duke Dumont, and Kaytranada plus loads of local homegrown talent, there was no way that any musically obsessed Miami native could find themselves missing out on three days of grade A f*cking music. 

III Points Day 1 Telescope Thieves Skate Space

Pictured above: Miami’s Telescope Thieves performs his set of “sadboy booty jams” and funky beats on Friday at III Points.

III Points Day 1 Main Stage 2

Pictured above: Festival goers checking out one of many hypnotic art installations displayed throughout Soho Studios during III Points.

III Points Day 1 Lykke Li 4

Pictured above: Swedish songstress and ultimate babe, Lykke Li, performed fan favorites like “Dance, Dance, Dance”, “Little Bit”, “I Follow Rivers” as well as a cover of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”. She was undeniably perfect.

III Points Day 1 Flying Lotus Main Stage

Picture above: Critically acclaimed musician and producer, Flying Lotus, melted the minds every audience member present during his Friday set filled with 3D type of projections, booming bass sounds, maniacal laughs, and intense beats. Nothing like it.

III Points Day 1 Skate Space 2

Day one of the fest kicked off Friday and prior to attending I made a quick stop at  III Points‘ “Artist Lounge” for some pre-gaming and super cool encounters with the one and only Flying Lotus and Lykke Li’s wardrobe (I promise I’m not a creep…). As the sun began to set, I made my way to Soho Studios and upon entering the festival’s grounds, you’re thrown into “Sector 3″– a post-apocalyptic setting outfitted with airplane parts, a dilapidated school bus, and tree house like structure. Once you’ve made your way through, you’ve entered III Points’ “Mainframe” where many of the festival’s biggest headliners took the stage, including indie babe, Lykke Li, and motherf*cking FlyLo. Beyond the “Mainframe”, there were two additional stages, “Mindmelt” and “Skatespace” where acts Millionyoung, Hercules and the Love Affair, Telescope Thieves, and RJD2 took the stage.

III Points Day 1 Skate Space 1 III Points Day 1 Forever 21 Plaid Maxi Dress HM Black Platform Music Festival Outfit 3 III Points Day 1 Lykke Li 2

III Points Day 1 Austin Paul 1

Pictured above: Homegrown Avstin Pavl serenades the crowd with songs from his latest album “The Garden” on Friday night.

III Points Day 1 Main Stage 1 III Points Day 1 Lykke Li 3 III Points Day 1 Forever 21 Plaid Maxi Dress HM Black Platform Music Festival Outfit 2

Day one went on into the early hours of Saturday morning and ended with a deep house set from Duke Dumont. To be honest, I didn’t even make it to the night’s final performances. Blame it on a mind f*ck of a performance from Flying Lotus. Regardless, day one did not disappoint and III Points was off to one hell of a start.



It’s back. And it’s better than ever.
This month’s LOUD NOISE playlist is a little on the special side with 12 fresh to death type of tracks from artists featured in Miami’s second annual three day music, art, and technology festival, III Points. III Points Festival fuses music, art, and tech through live performances, exhibitions, and lectures spread throughout Miami’s trendy Wynwood neighborhood. This year’s lineup is one that can’t be missed with performances from critically acclaimed acts like Flying Lotus, Chet Faker, and Jamie xx; indie darling, Lykke Li; deep house from Duke Dumont, and electronic favorites Cashmere Cat, Thundercat, Kaytranada, Hot Natured, and Jacques Greene. Plus, music from hometown favorites, Telescope Thieves, Millionyoung, and Avstin Pavl.

In anticipation for the big three day event of straight up badass music, I’ve compiled a 12 track playlist with original tunes, remixes, and edits of some of my favorite acts to help you prepare and get just as stoked as I am for the music festival. So, dig out those cutoff frayed denim shorts, cool shades, cropped tops, and boots ’cause festival season is far from over!

For more information on III Points Festival visit: http://iiipoints.com/
III Points will be held between Oct. 10th-12th, 2014 throughout Miami’s Wynwood Art District.


ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral. Steve Madden Marlenee Floral 2 ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral. Steve Madden Marlenee Floral 9 ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral. Steve Madden Marlenee Floral 1 ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral. Steve Madden Marlenee Floral 3 ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral. Steve Madden Marlenee Floral 7 ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral. Steve Madden Marlenee Floral 6 ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral. Steve Madden Marlenee Floral 4

{Photography by Marie Carazas}

[ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bardot Dress in Multi Color Floral /// Marlenee in Floral Multi Heel from Steve Madden /// Cuff Bracelet in Gold from Forever 21 (similar) //// TAudrey Social Media Plate Necklace c/o TAudrey]

It’s hard to believe that about one year ago today, little old me ventured off into the blogosphere in hopes of finding some joy and a small hobby to entertain me during a mundane period of my life. Fifteen months ago, I found myself unemployed, feeling apathetic towards everything around me, uninspired, and without a clue as to what I aspired to do with my life. After three months of applying to various jobs, going to interviews, and waiting around for anything to come my way I came to a realization. I needed to make things happen for myself and I was going to start by picking up a hobby. It needed to be something I felt passionate enough about for me to lose myself to; that would bring great happiness into my life. Something that would direct me towards that very own path in life we’re told each of us have and are meant to take. Most importantly, something that would reveal and uncover different sides of me that I did not know I had in me. I decided on that something being blogging about my personal style. It wasn’t necessarily because I believed I had great fashion sense or anything, but because I believed that by exploring my style through blogging I would discover a little bit about myself. So far, I have come away with so much more than what I could have ever envisioned.

I may not be a top blogger, nor am I anywhere near one of Miami’s top one either, but in the twelve months I have been actively pursuing my very own fashion happiness I have walked a handful of runways wearing some of the most expensive designer items I have ever laid my manicured nails on. I have been gifted all sorts of fabulous goodies from retail stores, boutiques, and all sorts of different types of companies; been featured on social media pages, websites, and best dressed lists of publications and shops I admire; traveled to Los Angeles for the very first time in my life on my own for a blogging related conference, and hosted as well as attended some fabulous fashionable events. My style has evolved and I have learned to explore and take risks like never before. It’s even led me to the most incredible job! But what’s been even greater are the many connections, both old and new, I have made along the way. Through blogging I encountered a world of incredibly diverse and marvelous women. Each fashionistas in their own right and each with voices and perspectives that somehow manage to differ from one another. I have also found myself to become even closer to friends and family that have always been in my life, but that through the blog we have seemed to connect on a different level. One where we share our dreams and fears freely without hesitation. I don’t know if any of these things could or would have ever been close to taking place if it weren’t for the blog.

And finally, as I finish this post off with a few more sentences that will never truly capture the many feels I have for this little baby, I can’t help but get a teeny tiny bit emotional. I guess because I am still amazed at not only what this blog has accomplished in a year, but because at what I have accomplished for myself internally because of this blog. This blog that started off as a way to sort of pass the time has ended up as the reason why my self-confidence and faith in myself has grown tremendously over time. I mean the insecurities are still and will always be there (after all, we do live in a world that likes to tell us who or what we should be and how we should look), but I now see myself in a different light. I now carry myself with a different attitude and that is that I am who I am and I am proud of it. I may barely be five feet, weigh as much as a child in the fifth grade would, have absolutely no booty to back up, be as flat as a surfboard(t), have legs as skinny as a chicken, and rarely have perfectly groomed brows, but I am who I am. And I will wear whatever the hell I want. Even if it is LOUD///TASTELESS.

So, happy birthday LOUD///TASTELESS! It’s been one hell of a year! Thank you and to every person that I have met along the way, read my silly little posts,  and have helped make this blog such a success as well as a reality for me. Again, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.