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First day and first look at LuckyFABB West 2014!

Events LuckyFABB West 2014Lucky Magazine editor-in-chief, Eva Chen (left), having a style conversation with Nasty Gal’s CEO, Sophia Amoruso (right). Events LuckyFABB West 2014Lucky Magazine editor-in-chief, Eva Chen (left), having a style conversation with House of Harlow 1960′s creative director, Nicole Richie (right). Events LuckyFABB West 2014Lucky Magazine editor-in-chief, Eva Chen (left), having a style conversation with supermodel, Coco Rocha (right) Events LuckyFABB West 2014Hanging out with bloggers Maggie of The Editorialite, Kiki of What Would Kiki Wear, and Kristen of Stylenik. Events LuckyFABB West 2014 Events LuckyFABB West 2014 Events LuckyFABB West 2014 Events LuckyFABB West 2014Lucky Magazine editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, photographing with beauty bloggers in attendance. Events LuckyFABB West 2014A fashion blogging conference would not be complete without a mirror selfie! Here’s one with Lauren and Julia from DAZEY Clothing and Jen from Life Unrefined. Events LuckyFABB West 2014

Just me and Lucky Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Eva Chen. No biggie. Eeeek!

I spent the first week of April in beautiful Los Angeles, California. A first for me. I have never ventured out to the West Coast before so you better believe I was filled with excitement and with a sense of adventure. This spur of the moment trip was not for vacation purposes, but to attend another first: Lucky Magazine’s LuckyFABB. LuckyFABB are conferences held twice a year (one in Los Angeles and the other in New York City) by Lucky Magazine for fashion and beauty bloggers. The blogging conference is meant to serve as an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to connect with influencers of the fashion and beauty industry. And this year’s influencers did not disappoint! They included Nasty Gal’s CEO, Sophia Amoruso; House of Harlow 1960′s Creative Director, Nicole Richie; supermodels, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha; fashion bloggers, Aimee Song and Shea Marie; actress, January Jones; and of course, Lucky Magazine’s new and fabulous editor-in-chief, Eva Chen.

LuckyFABB West was a two day conference held in the SLS Beverly Hills. The first day was a full day of panels and conversations with the guest speakers invited. The first panel was a discussion about the advancement of technology and how it has come to influence the fashion world. A style conversation between Eva Chen and Sophia Amoruso followed, which, to be honest, was what I was looking forward to the most at the conference. Amoruso spoke about Nasty Gal’s early beginnings as an ebay vintage shop, her fashion sense development, her plans on conquering the world, and about her upcoming book release, “#GIRLBOSS.” She is just the baddest b****. And I would not mind if she managed to complete her mission of world domination. Next, the bloggers broke into groups for different sessions regarding your personal style, SEO, how to take the best photographs/videos for your blog, and how to go about working with brands/publicists. The next conversation was with Nicole Richie who was incredibly personable and just an all around cutie pie. The final conversation was with Coco Rocha. Coco mothereffin’ Rocha. My new imaginary best friend. She was just so real and open. She expressed her qualms regarding the fashion industry and the injustices surrounding it, her dislike for “selfies”, and how she conquered her insecurities.

The second day was a half day of networking with brands and the bloggers in attendance. We had brunch, cocktails, contests, goodie bags, and mini fashion shoots galore! We had a visit from Lucky’s editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, who was cool enough to take the time to take “selfies” and pictures with the bloggers in attendance.

It was definitely quite an experience to attend the blogger conference as I was able to mingle and network my bum off with some of the beauty and fashion bloggers I, myself, follow as well as meet some new bloggers I plan on keeping up with. It was great to be able to speak with others on their experiences with blogging, what they hope to accomplish, and the reasoning behind starting their respective blogs.