FASHION FAVES Please Don’t Tell

FASHION FAVES///Please Don’t Tell

{Photography by Yesica Flores of Simply Lively}
{Styling by Please Don’t Tell}

[Lucy Black Chiffon Flowy Maxi Skirt c/o Please Don’t Tell]

FASHION FAVES Please Don’t Tell

A few weeks back I was approached by the founder of a local Miami online shop by the name of Please Don’t Tell. I was ecstatic as I was asked to “model” a few pieces for their New Year’s lookbook followed by an interview. When it came time to meet, go over the ideas for the shoot, try on the pieces, + finally have our photoshoot, I was completely caught off guard by the lovely soul behind Please Don’t Tell. In between the brainstorming, styling, running around from one backdrop to another, strategic placement of props…I shared small moments with a wonderful being looking to change the way we see fashion.

Please Don’t Tell is the brainchild of Carolina, a former fashion blogger turned fashion entrepreneur. Her online shop features fun + flirty feminine pieces (including accessories) for the playful gal in all of us along side home décor, trinkets, + baby products. In the last few months, however, Carolina has been determined to make her shop as more than just a destination to discover your latest fashion obsession.

FASHION FAVES Please Don’t Tell FASHION FAVES Please Don’t Tell

Firstly, Carolina is stepping away from the usual use of models on her shop + is now featuring what the industry calls “real models” or people like you + me. Individuals of varying shapes + sizes showcasing different pieces found at Please Don’t Tell + how they are confidently wearing the clothing rather than how the clothing is wearing them. As soon as she explained her new efforts to promote women empowerment + self-love, I immediately heard the angels sing, “hallelujah,” + could not wait to collaborate + share my story with her.

I encouraged her + opened up about the insecurities that upset me throughout my childhood + into early adulthood. Most of which revolved around my body. I felt that with this new approach for her shop she could help women relate to one another + bring awareness to how beautiful + unique our bodies are. We decided that for the interview we would discuss this very notion + I found myself opening up about quite a few things that have led to + have helped me move past my insecurities. It was incredible to be able to share this with her + her readers + I hope to help someone out there realize that they are not alone + that it will be okay. To read all of what I had to say click here.

FASHION FAVES Please Don’t Tell

[Lucy Black Chiffon Flowy Maxi Skirt (found at Please Don’t Tell Shop)]

FASHION FAVES Please Don’t TellSecondly, she spoke to me about a documentary named ‘The True Cost’ (available on Netflix) that exposes the troubling consequences of our love affair with “fast fashion.” Her description of the film left me intrigued so I watched + was left feeling mortified with how we are contributing to a system in dire need of change + to the second most polluting industry in the world! The film brings to light the hazardous conditions of garment workers in third world countries (making just a couple of dollars a day) + the devastating environmental effects “fast fashion” is having on our planet as well as our health. It’s a hell of an eye-opener + Carolina is determined to learn from the film + make changes to how we shop on her shop. As a result, Please Don’t Tell is moving to carry eco + ethical friendly fashion in an effort to start a movement towards a safer + humane fashion industry. FASHION FAVES Please Don’t Tell FASHION FAVES Please Don’t Tell

It’s safe to say that after meeting with Carolina I was completely inspired by her views + admired her new approach to fashion to the point where I plan to modify my shopping habits! I highly suggest you give her shop a look + support her incredible vision. There’s a lot to obsess over (including the amazing black chiffon maxi skirt featured in this post–shop here) + to prove it to you I’ll be showcasing a few New Year’s Eve inspired looks all week long using clothing from Please Don’t Tell!

Don’t forget to visit their blog to check out my interview! Read it here!